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7 Logo design tips before starting a Business

If you have to name one thing that represents your business, who you are, what you value, and what you promise, it definitely would be the Logo of your company.

A logo is your graphic identity, your one, and unique recognition. It is the most memorable and most recognizable branding of your business that appears in your products, your social posts, presentation decks, your business card, marketing materials, and your promotional contributions.

Remember, a logo is not just a business symbol but also a strong brand identity of your company. Therefore, designing a perfect logo is very much essential. A perfectly designed and well-formulated logo can build secure communication with your customers and create a long-lasting impression on them by ensuring loyalty and trust.

Before starting your business, design a simple but unique logo that will represent who you truly are. Here are some helpful tips for you.

1 – Align the Logo with your Brand

Do you know your business well? What are your products, and who are your target customers? What is your business ideology and ethics? And last of all, what inspiration do you hold for the future?

Before creating your logo design, make sure you know the answer to all these questions. 

A logo is the visual identity of your business, that will represent who you truly are in the eyes of the world. Therefore, your Logo needs to be aligned with your brand.

Know about your brand, have bright ideas about your ethics and ideals, be sure about the future prospect where you want to see yourself. When you fully comprehend all, your logo design will take no time to bloom in your head.

2 – Make the Logo talk for your business

A picture paints a thousand words, the same way a logo represents who you are. So, when creating your logo design, make sure it is successful enough to showcase your business. 

The colors, size, image, and font of your Logo should align with your business values, products you serve or deliver, and your branding. When your Logo is capable of talking for your business and creating a connection with your customers, that time, your Logo is the brand identity for your business.

Remember, this small icon, your Logo, is the perfect vessel of communicating and delivering your message to your customers, as well as putting a long-lasting mark on the heart and mind of them.

3 – Create an Impression 

Initiating an impression is vital while designing a logo before starting a business.

Remember, “almost everyone will make a good first impression, but only a few will make a good lasting impression.”  

Your Logo should be coherent and unique, timeless and eye-catching, mesmerizing, and memorable. Ensure that your Logo stands out from the rest in the competitive market.

Just a glance at your Logo, and the magic shall begin to capture the heart of people forever.

4 – Color and Fonts are crucial 

Colors are crucial for creating your logo design, so as fonts. Your logo color is your key to communicate with your customers and deliver your message. 

Remember, every color evokes distinct emotions and feelings in people’s hearts. Therefore, select your color that represents your brand perfectly. 

Choose bold, vibrant, and bright colors that are eye-catching and unforgettable. If your target audience is young people, pick different shades of red. If you are creating a social page, like others, you can go with blue.

However, the choice is always yours. Just keep in mind that your logo color should speak for yourself, and should be capable of delivering the message you want to give.

As for your font, use your own unique typeface. Do not choose them randomly, instead try to align your font with your brand. Like color, your logo font is a spokesperson of your brand. If your font does not speak for your brand, you can end up delivering wrong messages to your customers. 

Captivating color and fascinating fonts can successfully make your Logo a perfect brand identity for your business.

5 – Make it stand out even Colorless

Colors are always cute, but colorless is classic. Therefore, make sure your Logo is equally potent and powerful in black and white. 

There may be many moments when your Logo will appear colorless, in black and white. For instance: on documents, faxed documents, stationery items, or newspaper ads. Make sure your Logo is memorable as in color as without color.

The best way to create an impressive logo design in black and white is to polish them in the sketching stage. While doing pencil sketches, determine if they are looking pleasant or not colorless.

When a logo is beautiful without color, it surely will create a long-lasting impression while filled in colors.

6 – Scalable Logo stands for Success 

When it is scalable, it is a success. Scalable is a quality your logo design should have. 

Remember, your Logo will appear in varieties of advertisements, from a promotional pen to a sizeable proportionate billboard. Make sure your Logo looks impressive when it is significant, as well as small and tiny.

If it is not understandable, visible, and odd in different proportions, your Logo is a failure design.

7 – Make it Simple

A simple, smart, and straightforward logo is always a supreme and memorable design. Your Logo should have minimal colors, fonts, and other elements so that at first glance, the viewers can get an accurate and valid message about your business.

Make your Logo neat, clean, simple, and understandable. You can use your company name, illustration, or image, but try not to make it sophisticated and complicated. 

Remember, the simpler the Logo is, the more long-lasting impression it will create in people’s hearts.


A powerful logo can be created entirely when you know every aspect of your business. A logo that is simple and unique, versatile, and scalable with specific fonts and colors is a perfect brand identity of your business. Therefore, before starting a business, create your unique logo design that will represent who you indeed are

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inspiration logo design

Logo Design Inspiration for better branding

“What is the power that transcends one from achievement to fulfillment? The power of inspiration.”

To reach your preferred destination, inspiration serves as a beacon. From a falling apple to a flying bird, motivation can be anything that drives you to pursue your goal.

However, for a logo designer, inspiration can be pretty difficult to attain. 

Are you thinking of how to find your perfect logo design inspiration? Well, if you have eternity, you can sit for hours waiting for inspiration to strike you or a fully formed perfect logo to emerge out of the blue. 

However, for a diligent and determined designer like you, the gradual generation of different ideas from different places can be a great logo design Inspiration for better branding.

How to get Iconic Logo Design Inspiration

People can be inspired by anything, from anywhere, by anyone, and at any time. However, getting iconic logo design inspiration can be tricky if you do not know how and where. 

 First of all, you have to be determined and dynamic enough to pursue your inspiration. 

Collect various ideas from multiple places to play Clash of Clans in your brain. Let them collide, conflict, mix, and match to gradually come up with a formulated idea that shapes your iconic logo design.

Best Logo Design Inspirations

To achieve your best logo design inspiration, you need to know where to search and what to look for. But where do you start?

Here are some suggestions below that can not only inspire you greatly but can help you devise your marvelous logo design.

Pictogramme is the graphic representation of a physical object. It is mostly used in writing and graphics, where the characters are more pictorial than described in words.

Have you ever seen the symbolic alphabets in the Egyptian Pyramids? Well, they are one of the best examples of pictogramme. Even the road signs are also considered as pictograms. 

When you are thinking about a flashy logo for your business, these symbolic figures can be excellent sources of inspiration. One of the most famous pictogram-inspired logos is the logo of Apple. 

If millions can be inspired by pictograms, why don’t you? Try to look for an ordinary object that can be used as the flagship of your product or brand.

Sometimes a few words can tell the story of your brand. This is the way typeface works for your logo. Think about Google or Amazon. They are only a single word, and the whole world can suit it.

Typefaces are an essential part of a text-based logo or text in your logo. Brands like FedEx and McDonalds communicate effectively with the clients only through those typefaces. If you know the core of your brand, it will be easy for you to pick the best typeface.

When you go over the alphabets of different languages, they will also inspire you to select the perfect typeface for your brand logo.

typeface logo

A white lower-case “f’ on a blue circle is currently ruling over the mind of billions. Yes, we are talking about Facebook. Probably the most influential icon of the world. Think about how a single alphabet inspired the designers and make them create magic.

Like a pictogram, you can find inspiration from everyday objects around you to transform them into an icon. Designers in Google pick a three-way intersection for the map icon. In contrast, Target chooses the century-old bull’s eye as its brand icon. 

Icons, if well crafted, can grab the attention of potential customers at first glance. You need to realize what you are offering to them, and it will inspire you to make the perfect icon for your brand.

When you see an alligator, what is the first thing that comes across your mind? Either Florida Gator, if you are a southerner or Lacoste. The animal itself can be fearsome; however, it is working as a Mascotte for a few brands. 

Look around you. You will see a lot of living creatures that align with the core value of your brand. If you are developing a construction business, a beaver can be a great Mascotte for your brand. 

Are you planning for a parcel service business? Who else can represent your message better than a pelican? All of these known creatures and living objects are around us. It only requires the eye of a visionary to pick them for the brand Mascotte.

Emblem used to be a royal issue. However, it is a brand issue now. Legendary emblem logos like Harley Davison, Starbucks, or NFL definitely leave a royal impression on your mind now. 

The emblem represents strength and stability. If you want to create confidence in the potential customer’s mind, you can gather inspiration from the emblem. 

Visit any history resources, and you will find some remarkable emblems. They made their places in history and also inspired a lot of designers. 

Designers prefer emblems for sports brand and teams. Nevertheless, there is no hard and fast rule for it. You can pick an emblem for almost any business. 



Logo design inspiration requires an explosion of creative and artistic innovation, imagination, and ideas. However, by searching and accumulating different ideas from multiple places and sources, you can successfully obtain great logo design inspiration resources for better branding.

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Logo brand visual identity

How to develop Logo, Brand, and Visual Identity for business

Have you ever thought, what makes your business different and memorable that lives and evolves in the heart and mind of the consumers? Its logo, brand, and visual identity.

Logo, brand and visual identity are crucial parts of your business that not only distinguish the exclusiveness of your business from your competitors but also create a long-lasting, memorable impression on your customers. 

If you want to develop or create a logo and brand identity for your company, first you need to understand what it is and how it influences the future of your business. 

Remember, a strong brand is the personality and promises of your business to your consumers.

What is a Brand Identity

Brand identity is the face and feature of your company that shapes and sculptures your company and takes it to the next level. It portrays your mission, vision, values, and uniqueness to others.

Brand identity establishes the connection between you and your customers, accumulates customer’s loyalty with your products and promises, and determines how your customers feel and appreciate your company.

However, you need to fully comprehend who you are as a brand before creating and developing your brand identity.


Brand identity is using a few key elements effectively that define you are. It portrays you are:

  • mission and vision
  • ethics and values
  • profile and personality
  • unique and exclusive disposition
  • brand voice

After understanding your business well, work on finding a brand identity and visual elements you will use for your branding and visual identity.

Remember: your brand identity will establish your personality; develop your credibility and loyalty to your target audience: your customers.

How are Branding and Visual Identity related

Branding and visual identity usually walk side by side, hand in hand. Though they sound similar, there is a difference between branding and visual identity.

Making a mark on a customer’s mind and winning their trust is a tradesmen’s dream. A strong brand with a cohesive branding and visual identity can easily make your dream come true.

Branding is the effort and acts, you endeavor to create an image of your company. Brand identity is the perfect image your company creates using all its tangible elements: logo, typography, voice, music, layout, color pallets, fonts, etc.

Portraying your mission and values, building your company reputation, and highlighting your service and promises establish the foundation of your branding. This proceeding of branding creates the perfect face and image of your visual identity following the branding and visual identity guidelines.

If brand identity is your brand’s face and profile, branding is the experience that the consumers feel and see in their mind when communication is built.

And the brand is the perception and estimation of your company in the eyes of the world.

Remember, the more cohesive, well defined, and distinct your elements are, the more recognizable, appreciable, and admirable your brand will be.

What is meant by Branding in Logo Design

A logo is identification, the visual representation of branding. It represents the face of the company via symbols, mark, signature, or flag. To stand out from usual, you need to spend time, money, and effort to design a perfect logo for your branding.

While designing a logo, you need to remember that it is the most recognizable and memorable part of your brand. Therefore, it needs to be cohesive, specific and well formulated.

Though a logo is not the entirety of your visual identity, it is a crucial part of your branding, the graphic identity of your company. Besides, with perfect logo design, your branding will be cohesive and popular.

How Logo design impact your Brand Image

A perfectly designed logo has a significant impact on your brand image. Do not forget, a logo is your visual identification, the most recognizable part of your visual identity.

Your logo directly builds your connection to your customers by presenting your worth,
value as a brand and establishes a lasting impression in their hearts and mind.

Remember to design a simple, understandable, and unique logo that is not only visually appealing but also capable of conveying your message.

As your logo influences your brand image, design your logo considering your values and ethics, your service, and promises and obviously make it classic. You do not want to see your logo out of style in no time, do you?

Tips for Creating a Brand Style Guide

Consistency is the foundation of a memorable brand. Repetition of the same visual and verbal identity of a successful brand lives longer in people’s minds.

And a brand style guide is your compass to develop the consistency of your brand.

A brand style guide administers the design, composition, logo, blog, website, advertisements, and the look. It feels of your company to create a cohesive and successful brand.

Here are some tips for creating a brand style guide

  • Your company’s mission statement is essential for your brand style guide. A mission statement ensures that all your creations for the brand are going in the same direction, including solving the problems of customers.
  • Remember to present your buyer persona in your style guide that includes details of customers’ age, gender, and professional challenges. Do not forget your buyer persona is your target audience, and your brand publishes content for them.
  • The color pallet used to design your brand guides every visual content of your branding. You can choose a simple or elaborate palette to present your brand that mainly guides your logo, website design, advertisement, and event collaterals. 
  • The bread and butter of an authoritative brand is an editorial style guide. It guides how to phrase certain products, topics to write about, video script, details of a buyer persona, blog content, etc.
  • Typography, the visual element of brand style, guides your tagline that goes with your logo, fonts, and link and copies on the website.


Your logo, brand, and visual identity are crucial for the business that sets you apart from the sea of crowd. Remember, a memorable and recognizable logo and visual identity of your brand that represent who you are and what you stand for is the key to your successful brand.

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logo design process

The Logo Design Process from Start to Finish in 8 Easy Steps

How a professional designer designs a logo? What are the steps one follows in the logo design process from start to finish? Is it designed in a twinkling of time or waiting for the inspiration to flow?

Logo designing is not rocket science. Imagination, intuition, and innovation with little research and reflection is the proper key to design an outstanding creative logo. 

Is it easy to design a Logo?

Designing a logo is not difficult if you know the logo design process from start to finish. Understanding your Client’s needs and executing the design with your creativity is the creative process of designing a perfect logo. 

Besides, you can google the logo design process and get further information before walking on the way. End of the day, it’s all about visibility in the market and in search engines. 

However, few steps are there usually followed by the professional or freelancer logo designer to create their outstanding design. It combines research and reflection, analysis and alliance, imagination, and innovation. 

Designing a Logo process in 8 steps

Designing a logo process may vary from designer to designer, from business logos to game logos. The important thing you need to remember is that your logo should meet the needs and objectives of your Client. 

The following eight steps serve a perfect shape to create any custom logo design and branding. It will make any of your logo design projects a success. 

Step 1. The brief from the Client

An intensive inquisition to gather information from the Client is the initial step to start your logo designing process. It is one crucial step while designing a logo. The more you will learn about the Client and his needs, the more precise and specific it will be your goal.

Before jumping the gun, gather information about the business, goal, and objective of the Client. You can do it either by arranging a meeting, over the phone or via email. Learn about the distinctive factors of their business, their purpose and goal, their plan, and prospect through the questionnaire. 

Remember, the more information and knowledge you will have about the organization, the smoother and effortless it will be your process of designing your logo.

You can also ask for further information to your Client about their motto and mission, their beliefs and values, previous logos, goals and guideline, their target audience, and customers. It will enable you to have a better understanding of the organization and shape your super and skillful logo.

After the brief from your Client, prepare a proposal, and present it to be accepted.




Step 2. Research and Research 

If you think your task is done after talking to the Client, you are wrong. Your work has just begun. Now u are going to your next step: research and analysis.

Research is an essential and crucial step to shape your logo, to make it unique and distinguished far different from other competitors.

Do your analytical research on your organization’s history and projects, its brands, its competitors, and their logos, and lastly, the audience’s overview. 

Try to understand what will be suitable and applicable to them. Moreover, what can make the organization different from others? Most importantly, how it can serve the business goal.

After you research the company, research on logo ideas: shapes, color, and style that best describe them. 

inspiration logo design

Step 3. Make storm in the Brain

Let’s get ready to make a storm in the Brain after you have completed your research. Based on the Client’s brief and analysis, generate ideas for designing your logo.

Make a mind map and arrange all the keywords. Examine them thoroughly to develop the pedestal of your concept. Do not underestimate the design trends. 

Next, decide what you are going to use, a symbol or icon, typography or graphic design, an image, or an eye-catching colorful animation. Explore shape, size, font, and color.

However, always remember your Client’s requirements and where the logo will be used and design your logo represents it perfectly. 

Step 4. Sketch the Logo

Sketching is a proper step to collaborate your research and ideas with your creativity and imagination. Therefore, take some time to sketch your logo ideas, different and varied, check minor details, find what suits your goal, mix, and match various pieces. 

Once you have selected your desired design, work on the minute details to give a concrete and cohesive shape to your design.

However, while sketching different ideas, take a break to reflect upon your thoughts. This break effectively will enhance your imagination, energy, and enthusiasm. 

Step 5. Execute the perfect Logo design 

Now that you have selected your preferred designs that suit your brief execute the perfect logo design in your design software. 

In your digital craft, you can make all those crucial improvisations that can’t be done in your sketch, from font to color. Always design a logo that is understandable, measurable, and memorable. 

However, if you consider hiring a freelance logo designer to do this part of your task, your task can be more manageable.

Step 6. Present the Logo to the Client

Now prepare a presentation to promote your logo to your Client, with multiple variations. Remember to present the real application of the logo in the real world, for example, in business cards, stationery design, social media profiles, or company letterhead.

Step 7. Get the Revision and Approval

“Criticism may not be agreeable, but it is necessary.” No matter how better you consider, your work is, a fresh set of eyes can detect many flaws that you have not noticed. 

Therefore, after your presentation, prepare for the feedback from your clients. Always remember that your Client knows his or her area profoundly. So, with a conversation with the Client, come up with a solution together, and upgrade your design.

Step 8. Deliver the Final Logo

After the final improvisation, it is time to deliver your final file to your Client. Always fix the preferred file design with your Client. Make it polish and prepare a brand identity package.

Remember, always deliver on time.

What are the best tips for creating logos?

The logo design process from start to finish requires your analytical research, how well you understand your Client, and your sheer creativity. However, some tips are always helpful.

  • Always collect sufficient information from your Client.
  • Do market research and develop your idea.
  • Check for logo design process examples of other designers.
  • In your presentation, give multiple variations that correlate to the real world.
  • Remember to trademark your successful logo.


The creative process of designing a logo needs a lot. It requires your dedication, analytical research, collaboration with your Client, and your artistic talent, skill, and imagination. However, these steps can make your logo design process, from start to finish, an outstanding one.

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