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How to develop Logo, Brand, and Visual Identity for business

Have you ever thought, what makes your business different and memorable that lives and evolves in the heart and mind of the consumers? Its logo, brand, and visual identity.

Logo, brand and visual identity are crucial parts of your business that not only distinguish the exclusiveness of your business from your competitors but also create a long-lasting, memorable impression on your customers. 

If you want to develop or create a logo and brand identity for your company, first you need to understand what it is and how it influences the future of your business. 

Remember, a strong brand is the personality and promises of your business to your consumers.

What is a Brand Identity

Brand identity is the face and feature of your company that shapes and sculptures your company and takes it to the next level. It portrays your mission, vision, values, and uniqueness to others.

Brand identity establishes the connection between you and your customers, accumulates customer’s loyalty with your products and promises, and determines how your customers feel and appreciate your company.

However, you need to fully comprehend who you are as a brand before creating and developing your brand identity.


Brand identity is using a few key elements effectively that define you are. It portrays you are:

  • mission and vision
  • ethics and values
  • profile and personality
  • unique and exclusive disposition
  • brand voice

After understanding your business well, work on finding a brand identity and visual elements you will use for your branding and visual identity.

Remember: your brand identity will establish your personality; develop your credibility and loyalty to your target audience: your customers.

How are Branding and Visual Identity related

Branding and visual identity usually walk side by side, hand in hand. Though they sound similar, there is a difference between branding and visual identity.

Making a mark on a customer’s mind and winning their trust is a tradesmen’s dream. A strong brand with a cohesive branding and visual identity can easily make your dream come true.

Branding is the effort and acts, you endeavor to create an image of your company. Brand identity is the perfect image your company creates using all its tangible elements: logo, typography, voice, music, layout, color pallets, fonts, etc.

Portraying your mission and values, building your company reputation, and highlighting your service and promises establish the foundation of your branding. This proceeding of branding creates the perfect face and image of your visual identity following the branding and visual identity guidelines.

If brand identity is your brand’s face and profile, branding is the experience that the consumers feel and see in their mind when communication is built.

And the brand is the perception and estimation of your company in the eyes of the world.

Remember, the more cohesive, well defined, and distinct your elements are, the more recognizable, appreciable, and admirable your brand will be.

What is meant by Branding in Logo Design

A logo is identification, the visual representation of branding. It represents the face of the company via symbols, mark, signature, or flag. To stand out from usual, you need to spend time, money, and effort to design a perfect logo for your branding.

While designing a logo, you need to remember that it is the most recognizable and memorable part of your brand. Therefore, it needs to be cohesive, specific and well formulated.

Though a logo is not the entirety of your visual identity, it is a crucial part of your branding, the graphic identity of your company. Besides, with perfect logo design, your branding will be cohesive and popular.

How Logo design impact your Brand Image

A perfectly designed logo has a significant impact on your brand image. Do not forget, a logo is your visual identification, the most recognizable part of your visual identity.

Your logo directly builds your connection to your customers by presenting your worth,
value as a brand and establishes a lasting impression in their hearts and mind.

Remember to design a simple, understandable, and unique logo that is not only visually appealing but also capable of conveying your message.

As your logo influences your brand image, design your logo considering your values and ethics, your service, and promises and obviously make it classic. You do not want to see your logo out of style in no time, do you?

Tips for Creating a Brand Style Guide

Consistency is the foundation of a memorable brand. Repetition of the same visual and verbal identity of a successful brand lives longer in people’s minds.

And a brand style guide is your compass to develop the consistency of your brand.

A brand style guide administers the design, composition, logo, blog, website, advertisements, and the look. It feels of your company to create a cohesive and successful brand.

Here are some tips for creating a brand style guide

  • Your company’s mission statement is essential for your brand style guide. A mission statement ensures that all your creations for the brand are going in the same direction, including solving the problems of customers.
  • Remember to present your buyer persona in your style guide that includes details of customers’ age, gender, and professional challenges. Do not forget your buyer persona is your target audience, and your brand publishes content for them.
  • The color pallet used to design your brand guides every visual content of your branding. You can choose a simple or elaborate palette to present your brand that mainly guides your logo, website design, advertisement, and event collaterals. 
  • The bread and butter of an authoritative brand is an editorial style guide. It guides how to phrase certain products, topics to write about, video script, details of a buyer persona, blog content, etc.
  • Typography, the visual element of brand style, guides your tagline that goes with your logo, fonts, and link and copies on the website.


Your logo, brand, and visual identity are crucial for the business that sets you apart from the sea of crowd. Remember, a memorable and recognizable logo and visual identity of your brand that represent who you are and what you stand for is the key to your successful brand.

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