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Logo Design Inspiration for better branding

“What is the power that transcends one from achievement to fulfillment? The power of inspiration.”

To reach your preferred destination, inspiration serves as a beacon. From a falling apple to a flying bird, motivation can be anything that drives you to pursue your goal.

However, for a logo designer, inspiration can be pretty difficult to attain. 

Are you thinking of how to find your perfect logo design inspiration? Well, if you have eternity, you can sit for hours waiting for inspiration to strike you or a fully formed perfect logo to emerge out of the blue. 

However, for a diligent and determined designer like you, the gradual generation of different ideas from different places can be a great logo design Inspiration for better branding.

How to get Iconic Logo Design Inspiration

People can be inspired by anything, from anywhere, by anyone, and at any time. However, getting iconic logo design inspiration can be tricky if you do not know how and where. 

 First of all, you have to be determined and dynamic enough to pursue your inspiration. 

Collect various ideas from multiple places to play Clash of Clans in your brain. Let them collide, conflict, mix, and match to gradually come up with a formulated idea that shapes your iconic logo design.

Best Logo Design Inspirations

To achieve your best logo design inspiration, you need to know where to search and what to look for. But where do you start?

Here are some suggestions below that can not only inspire you greatly but can help you devise your marvelous logo design.

Pictogramme is the graphic representation of a physical object. It is mostly used in writing and graphics, where the characters are more pictorial than described in words.

Have you ever seen the symbolic alphabets in the Egyptian Pyramids? Well, they are one of the best examples of pictogramme. Even the road signs are also considered as pictograms. 

When you are thinking about a flashy logo for your business, these symbolic figures can be excellent sources of inspiration. One of the most famous pictogram-inspired logos is the logo of Apple. 

If millions can be inspired by pictograms, why don’t you? Try to look for an ordinary object that can be used as the flagship of your product or brand.

Sometimes a few words can tell the story of your brand. This is the way typeface works for your logo. Think about Google or Amazon. They are only a single word, and the whole world can suit it.

Typefaces are an essential part of a text-based logo or text in your logo. Brands like FedEx and McDonalds communicate effectively with the clients only through those typefaces. If you know the core of your brand, it will be easy for you to pick the best typeface.

When you go over the alphabets of different languages, they will also inspire you to select the perfect typeface for your brand logo.

typeface logo

A white lower-case “f’ on a blue circle is currently ruling over the mind of billions. Yes, we are talking about Facebook. Probably the most influential icon of the world. Think about how a single alphabet inspired the designers and make them create magic.

Like a pictogram, you can find inspiration from everyday objects around you to transform them into an icon. Designers in Google pick a three-way intersection for the map icon. In contrast, Target chooses the century-old bull’s eye as its brand icon. 

Icons, if well crafted, can grab the attention of potential customers at first glance. You need to realize what you are offering to them, and it will inspire you to make the perfect icon for your brand.

When you see an alligator, what is the first thing that comes across your mind? Either Florida Gator, if you are a southerner or Lacoste. The animal itself can be fearsome; however, it is working as a Mascotte for a few brands. 

Look around you. You will see a lot of living creatures that align with the core value of your brand. If you are developing a construction business, a beaver can be a great Mascotte for your brand. 

Are you planning for a parcel service business? Who else can represent your message better than a pelican? All of these known creatures and living objects are around us. It only requires the eye of a visionary to pick them for the brand Mascotte.

Emblem used to be a royal issue. However, it is a brand issue now. Legendary emblem logos like Harley Davison, Starbucks, or NFL definitely leave a royal impression on your mind now. 

The emblem represents strength and stability. If you want to create confidence in the potential customer’s mind, you can gather inspiration from the emblem. 

Visit any history resources, and you will find some remarkable emblems. They made their places in history and also inspired a lot of designers. 

Designers prefer emblems for sports brand and teams. Nevertheless, there is no hard and fast rule for it. You can pick an emblem for almost any business. 



Logo design inspiration requires an explosion of creative and artistic innovation, imagination, and ideas. However, by searching and accumulating different ideas from multiple places and sources, you can successfully obtain great logo design inspiration resources for better branding.

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