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The Logo Design Process from Start to Finish in 8 Easy Steps

How a professional designer designs a logo? What are the steps one follows in the logo design process from start to finish? Is it designed in a twinkling of time or waiting for the inspiration to flow?

Logo designing is not rocket science. Imagination, intuition, and innovation with little research and reflection is the proper key to design an outstanding creative logo. 

Is it easy to design a Logo?

Designing a logo is not difficult if you know the logo design process from start to finish. Understanding your Client’s needs and executing the design with your creativity is the creative process of designing a perfect logo. 

Besides, you can google the logo design process and get further information before walking on the way. End of the day, it’s all about visibility in the market and in search engines. 

However, few steps are there usually followed by the professional or freelancer logo designer to create their outstanding design. It combines research and reflection, analysis and alliance, imagination, and innovation. 

Designing a Logo process in 8 steps

Designing a logo process may vary from designer to designer, from business logos to game logos. The important thing you need to remember is that your logo should meet the needs and objectives of your Client. 

The following eight steps serve a perfect shape to create any custom logo design and branding. It will make any of your logo design projects a success. 

Step 1. The brief from the Client

An intensive inquisition to gather information from the Client is the initial step to start your logo designing process. It is one crucial step while designing a logo. The more you will learn about the Client and his needs, the more precise and specific it will be your goal.

Before jumping the gun, gather information about the business, goal, and objective of the Client. You can do it either by arranging a meeting, over the phone or via email. Learn about the distinctive factors of their business, their purpose and goal, their plan, and prospect through the questionnaire. 

Remember, the more information and knowledge you will have about the organization, the smoother and effortless it will be your process of designing your logo.

You can also ask for further information to your Client about their motto and mission, their beliefs and values, previous logos, goals and guideline, their target audience, and customers. It will enable you to have a better understanding of the organization and shape your super and skillful logo.

After the brief from your Client, prepare a proposal, and present it to be accepted.




Step 2. Research and Research 

If you think your task is done after talking to the Client, you are wrong. Your work has just begun. Now u are going to your next step: research and analysis.

Research is an essential and crucial step to shape your logo, to make it unique and distinguished far different from other competitors.

Do your analytical research on your organization’s history and projects, its brands, its competitors, and their logos, and lastly, the audience’s overview. 

Try to understand what will be suitable and applicable to them. Moreover, what can make the organization different from others? Most importantly, how it can serve the business goal.

After you research the company, research on logo ideas: shapes, color, and style that best describe them. 

inspiration logo design

Step 3. Make storm in the Brain

Let’s get ready to make a storm in the Brain after you have completed your research. Based on the Client’s brief and analysis, generate ideas for designing your logo.

Make a mind map and arrange all the keywords. Examine them thoroughly to develop the pedestal of your concept. Do not underestimate the design trends. 

Next, decide what you are going to use, a symbol or icon, typography or graphic design, an image, or an eye-catching colorful animation. Explore shape, size, font, and color.

However, always remember your Client’s requirements and where the logo will be used and design your logo represents it perfectly. 

Step 4. Sketch the Logo

Sketching is a proper step to collaborate your research and ideas with your creativity and imagination. Therefore, take some time to sketch your logo ideas, different and varied, check minor details, find what suits your goal, mix, and match various pieces. 

Once you have selected your desired design, work on the minute details to give a concrete and cohesive shape to your design.

However, while sketching different ideas, take a break to reflect upon your thoughts. This break effectively will enhance your imagination, energy, and enthusiasm. 

Step 5. Execute the perfect Logo design 

Now that you have selected your preferred designs that suit your brief execute the perfect logo design in your design software. 

In your digital craft, you can make all those crucial improvisations that can’t be done in your sketch, from font to color. Always design a logo that is understandable, measurable, and memorable. 

However, if you consider hiring a freelance logo designer to do this part of your task, your task can be more manageable.

Step 6. Present the Logo to the Client

Now prepare a presentation to promote your logo to your Client, with multiple variations. Remember to present the real application of the logo in the real world, for example, in business cards, stationery design, social media profiles, or company letterhead.

Step 7. Get the Revision and Approval

“Criticism may not be agreeable, but it is necessary.” No matter how better you consider, your work is, a fresh set of eyes can detect many flaws that you have not noticed. 

Therefore, after your presentation, prepare for the feedback from your clients. Always remember that your Client knows his or her area profoundly. So, with a conversation with the Client, come up with a solution together, and upgrade your design.

Step 8. Deliver the Final Logo

After the final improvisation, it is time to deliver your final file to your Client. Always fix the preferred file design with your Client. Make it polish and prepare a brand identity package.

Remember, always deliver on time.

What are the best tips for creating logos?

The logo design process from start to finish requires your analytical research, how well you understand your Client, and your sheer creativity. However, some tips are always helpful.

  • Always collect sufficient information from your Client.
  • Do market research and develop your idea.
  • Check for logo design process examples of other designers.
  • In your presentation, give multiple variations that correlate to the real world.
  • Remember to trademark your successful logo.


The creative process of designing a logo needs a lot. It requires your dedication, analytical research, collaboration with your Client, and your artistic talent, skill, and imagination. However, these steps can make your logo design process, from start to finish, an outstanding one.

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