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7 Logo design tips before starting a Business

If you have to name one thing that represents your business, who you are, what you value, and what you promise, it definitely would be the Logo of your company.

A logo is your graphic identity, your one, and unique recognition. It is the most memorable and most recognizable branding of your business that appears in your products, your social posts, presentation decks, your business card, marketing materials, and your promotional contributions.

Remember, a logo is not just a business symbol but also a strong brand identity of your company. Therefore, designing a perfect logo is very much essential. A perfectly designed and well-formulated logo can build secure communication with your customers and create a long-lasting impression on them by ensuring loyalty and trust.

Before starting your business, design a simple but unique logo that will represent who you truly are. Here are some helpful tips for you.

1 – Align the Logo with your Brand

Do you know your business well? What are your products, and who are your target customers? What is your business ideology and ethics? And last of all, what inspiration do you hold for the future?

Before creating your logo design, make sure you know the answer to all these questions. 

A logo is the visual identity of your business, that will represent who you truly are in the eyes of the world. Therefore, your Logo needs to be aligned with your brand.

Know about your brand, have bright ideas about your ethics and ideals, be sure about the future prospect where you want to see yourself. When you fully comprehend all, your logo design will take no time to bloom in your head.

2 – Make the Logo talk for your business

A picture paints a thousand words, the same way a logo represents who you are. So, when creating your logo design, make sure it is successful enough to showcase your business. 

The colors, size, image, and font of your Logo should align with your business values, products you serve or deliver, and your branding. When your Logo is capable of talking for your business and creating a connection with your customers, that time, your Logo is the brand identity for your business.

Remember, this small icon, your Logo, is the perfect vessel of communicating and delivering your message to your customers, as well as putting a long-lasting mark on the heart and mind of them.

3 – Create an Impression 

Initiating an impression is vital while designing a logo before starting a business.

Remember, “almost everyone will make a good first impression, but only a few will make a good lasting impression.”  

Your Logo should be coherent and unique, timeless and eye-catching, mesmerizing, and memorable. Ensure that your Logo stands out from the rest in the competitive market.

Just a glance at your Logo, and the magic shall begin to capture the heart of people forever.

4 – Color and Fonts are crucial 

Colors are crucial for creating your logo design, so as fonts. Your logo color is your key to communicate with your customers and deliver your message. 

Remember, every color evokes distinct emotions and feelings in people’s hearts. Therefore, select your color that represents your brand perfectly. 

Choose bold, vibrant, and bright colors that are eye-catching and unforgettable. If your target audience is young people, pick different shades of red. If you are creating a social page, like others, you can go with blue.

However, the choice is always yours. Just keep in mind that your logo color should speak for yourself, and should be capable of delivering the message you want to give.

As for your font, use your own unique typeface. Do not choose them randomly, instead try to align your font with your brand. Like color, your logo font is a spokesperson of your brand. If your font does not speak for your brand, you can end up delivering wrong messages to your customers. 

Captivating color and fascinating fonts can successfully make your Logo a perfect brand identity for your business.

5 – Make it stand out even Colorless

Colors are always cute, but colorless is classic. Therefore, make sure your Logo is equally potent and powerful in black and white. 

There may be many moments when your Logo will appear colorless, in black and white. For instance: on documents, faxed documents, stationery items, or newspaper ads. Make sure your Logo is memorable as in color as without color.

The best way to create an impressive logo design in black and white is to polish them in the sketching stage. While doing pencil sketches, determine if they are looking pleasant or not colorless.

When a logo is beautiful without color, it surely will create a long-lasting impression while filled in colors.

6 – Scalable Logo stands for Success 

When it is scalable, it is a success. Scalable is a quality your logo design should have. 

Remember, your Logo will appear in varieties of advertisements, from a promotional pen to a sizeable proportionate billboard. Make sure your Logo looks impressive when it is significant, as well as small and tiny.

If it is not understandable, visible, and odd in different proportions, your Logo is a failure design.

7 – Make it Simple

A simple, smart, and straightforward logo is always a supreme and memorable design. Your Logo should have minimal colors, fonts, and other elements so that at first glance, the viewers can get an accurate and valid message about your business.

Make your Logo neat, clean, simple, and understandable. You can use your company name, illustration, or image, but try not to make it sophisticated and complicated. 

Remember, the simpler the Logo is, the more long-lasting impression it will create in people’s hearts.


A powerful logo can be created entirely when you know every aspect of your business. A logo that is simple and unique, versatile, and scalable with specific fonts and colors is a perfect brand identity of your business. Therefore, before starting a business, create your unique logo design that will represent who you indeed are

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